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  • APM22: Data Engineering 1 Bridging Module

APM22: Data Engineering 1 Bridging Module

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Topics covered: • Data Engineering concepts and fundamentals; Methodologies and Frameworks • Interfacing with Source Systems; Connectors and APIs • Ingestion Pipelines; Change-Data-Capture (CDC) Schemes • Configuring and Securing Cloud-based Data Lakes • Inter and Intra Cloud Data Interchange Schemes • Serverless Schemes; Engineering Micro-Services and Containerization • Orchestrating Data Cleansing and Wrangling Pipelines • Architecting and Maintaining Streaming Systems • Continuous Improvement, Continuous Development (CICD) Dev-Ops schemes • Security Models – Role-Based Security by Design • Monitoring Tools; Triage and Support Systems Duration: The course features both offline and online, instructor-led, weekly synchronous online sessions (2 hours per session), over an 8-week period. Successful completion gives 3 credit hours towards the Associate-to-Professional Member (A2PM) bridging program.
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