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ADESA Certified Data Engineer (ACDE) Registration

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ADESA Certified Data Engineer (ACDE) Syllabus The ADESA Certified Data Engineer syllabus has the following topic areas, components and sub-components – 1. Designing Large-scale Data Handling Systems 1.1 Assessing and working with source systems 1.2 Designing and building data ingestion systems 1.3 Designing and building data pipelines 1.4 Working with streaming systems 2. Productionizing and Optimizing Cloud Storage 2.1 Designing and implementing scalable data warehouses 2.2 Working with NoSQL cloud storage 2.3 Tuning and optimizing cloud storage 2.4 Troubleshooting cloud storage 3. Managing Reporting and Visualization Layers 3.1 Configuring data lakes and related storage layers to support reporting and visualization 3.2 Working with industry-standard reporting and visualization tools 3.3 Configuring and productionizing analytics, AI and ML layers 3.4 Matching tools to business requirements 4. Designing and Managing Development and Test Environments 4.1 Configuring development environments 4.2 Processes for managing development environments 4.3 Configuring test environments 4.4 Processes for managing test environments 5. Designing and Managing Support and Maintenance Systems 5.1 Assessing and selecting support models 5.2 Managing Triage systems 5.3 Managing end-to-end documentation processes 5.4 Industrialized maintenance systems and audits NOTE: The certification pdf with full syllabus and detailed certification rules will be dispatched electronically, via e-mail, once the registration has been completed. Non-member candidates who have paid for the certification will be required to join ADESA with a minimum membership grade of Associate Member (which is currently free) before the registration is processed and accepted. The online examination for the certification is scheduled no earlier than 2 calendar months after registration is made, to allow ample time for preparation.
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