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ADESA Certified Cyber & Information Security Specialist (ACCISS) Registration

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ADESA Certified Cyber & Information Security Specialist (ACCISS) Syllabus The ADESA Certified Cyber & Information Security Specialist syllabus has the following topic areas and sub-components – 1. Managing Information and Cyber Security (ICS); role definitions, purposes and responsibilities 1.1 ICS threats/risks typologies and taxonomies; Strategies and policies 1.2 Governance, compliance and risk management methods for ICS; cost-risk trade-offs. 1.3 ICS cultural and organizational influences; Security awareness training 2. Designing and Implementing Secure Systems 2.1 Security architectures; architectural frameworks for security hardening (e.g. TOGAF framework) 2.2 Developing SyOps for secure systems 2.3 Security testing techniques (e.g. OWASP methods) 2.4 Vulnerability assessments and mitigation approaches 2.5 Business continuity planning; hot, warm and cold standby schemes 2.6 Addressing physical security issues & social engineering threats 3. Managing Security Incidents 3.1 ICS incident management formal methods, tooling and toolsets 3.2 Investigative processes; Dealing with security breaches 3.3 Digital/Cyber Forensics techniques 3.4 Deploying remediation controls and solutions 4. Managing Audit, Assurance and Review Processes 4.1 ICS audit processes; Cyclical continuous improvement workflows 4.2 Conducting effective security reviews and health checks 4.3 ICS support and triage models for effective security assurance & business continuity planning. NOTE: The certification pdf with full syllabus and detailed certification rules will be dispatched electronically, via e-mail, once the registration has been completed. Non-member candidates who have paid for the certification will be required to join ADESA with a minimum membership grade of Associate Member (which is currently free) before the registration is processed and accepted. The online examination for the certification is scheduled no earlier than 2 calendar months after registration is made, to allow ample time for preparation.
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