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ADESA Certified Data Governance & Compliance Professional (ACDGCP) Registration

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ADESA Certified Data Governance & Compliance Professional (ACDGCP) Syllabus The ADESA Certified Data Governance & Compliance Professional certification syllabus has the following topic areas and sub-components – 1. Designing and Deploying DG&C Programs 1.1 Data, information and object modelling inputs to DG&C; Scoping methods 1.2 DG&C functional design issues and standards; Master-Data-Management schemes 1.3 DG&C systems roll-out planning and change management 1.4 Costing system deployments. 2. Managing Data Governance in a Corporate Setting 2.1 Managing and optimizing Data Governance Engines (e.g. Informatica Axon & Collibra) 2.2 Measuring and monitoring data quality; metrics and KPIs 2.3 Provenance, ownership and lineage cataloging of data assets; access resolution 2.4 Data governance issues for content management and collaboration systems 3. Managing Information Compliance and Data-related Risk 3.1 Information and Data Risk (IDR) typologies and taxonomies 3.2 IDR analysis frameworks to support decision-making; costs and trade-offs 3.3 Regulatory regimes and legislation impacting data compliance 3.4 Using Data Protection Engines (DPE) and Privacy Protection Systems (PPS) 4. Managing DG&C Audit, Assurance and Review Processes 4.1 DG&C audit processes; DG&C continuous improvement cycles 4.2 Conducting effective DG&C reviews and compliance checks 4.3 Commercial tools and frameworks for DG&C audits 4.4 Troubleshooting and triaging DG&C problems NOTE: The certification pdf with full syllabus and detailed certification rules will be dispatched electronically, via e-mail, once the registration has been completed. Non-member candidates who have paid for the certification will be required to join ADESA with a minimum membership grade of Associate Member (which is currently free) before the registration is processed and accepted. The online examination for the certification is scheduled no earlier than 2 calendar months after registration is made, to allow ample time for preparation.
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