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ACESA Certification Exam Outline Syllabus The ADESA Certified Enterprise & Solution Architect syllabus has the following topic areas and sub-components – 1. Designing and Specifying Enterprise Architectures 1.1 Enterprise architectural principles – domains, granularity, architectural model types, roles and skills involved. 1.2 Specifying goals and objectives; working with standards 1.3 Gathering and documenting FRs and NFRs; case analysis frameworks 2. Developing and Implementing Enterprise Architectures 2.1 Enterprise architectural development frameworks, including TOGAF schemes 2.2 Enterprise modelling techniques – conceptual, logical and physical models 2.3 Model-driven and object-oriented architectures; network infrastructure architecting 3. Business Solutions Architecting 3.1 Modelling business systems – business rules, functions and structures 3.2 Business process analysis include use of workflow, sequence and state diagrams 3.3 Crafting security solutions models to reflect business requirements 4. Data Solutions Architecting 4.1 Solutioning to manage the states of data, at rest and in motion 4.2 Metadata, data quality and structures; object models, mappings and transformations 4.3 Data security issues and cryptographic techniques 5. Software Solutions Architecting 5.1 Software solutions architecting utilizing activity/process-flow, interaction, state and use-case analysis, 5.2 Software design patterns, APIs and IDLs for reusability 5.3 SOA architectures; Containerization and Microservices NOTE: The certification pdf with full syllabus and detailed certification rules will be dispatched electronically, via e-mail, once the registration has been completed. Non-member candidates who have paid for the certification will be required to join ADESA with a minimum membership grade of Associate Member (which is currently free). The online examination for the certification is scheduled no earlier than 2 calendar months after registration is made, to allow ample time for preparation.
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